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Breaking Poll Numbers For Trump

( Just as former President Donald J. Trump prepares to address a massive rally of his supporters who’ve gathered to see and hear from him in Georgia, poll numbers have been released by Echelon Insights (see link below) that many will find unbelievable given Trump’s perceived popularity with his faithful supporters.

But, if true, these most recent and just-released numbers may indicate that Trump has weakened in popularity with Republicans while other prominent Republicans are seeing an increase in their viability as presidential candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election.

The most shocking finding in the Echelon Insights poll is that most Republican voters want Trump to either face a primary challenger in 2024 or not even enter the race for the presidency.

Specifically, when Republican voters were given a list of potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates – including Trump – and asked, “Which of the following would you prefer to see in the 2024 Republican presidential primary?”, only 30% responded with the answer, “I’d like to see Donald Trump running unopposed.” Meanwhile, 39% chose the answer “I’d like to see Donald Trump running and other major candidates running too.”

And, the real shocker, 22% of Republican voters said, “I’d like to see Donald Trump not running.”

So, in this poll, a combined 61% of GOP voters want either a primary challenger for Trump or for Trump to stay out of the 2024 Presidential Election completely.

We’ll have to see what results in other polls are published in the coming months, but right now, this poll from Echelon Insights is either an outlier or has uncovered stunning results.

Please share your thoughts and opinions about the numbers concerning former President Donald J. Trump found in the Echelon Insights poll located in PDF format HERE by emailing [email protected]. Based on your personal observations and political knowledge, do you believe former President Donald J. Trump’s strength as a potential Republican candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election has strengthened, weakened, or remained about the same as when he was the GOP candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election?