BREAKING: Pelosi Steps Aside

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, from the floor of the United States House of Representatives, in a speech that was crafted with presidential biographer Jon Meacham, Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing Speaker of the House, announced she is stepping down from the Democrat Leadership team.

Pelosi, who was first elected to Congress in 1987, was the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House and did so twice, a position that put her second in line to be president if both the president and vice president were unable to serve.

With the Republicans having won a slim majority in the House, Pelosi’s second stint as Speaker will end on January 3rd when the new Congress is sworn in.

In addition to her two periods as Speaker, Pelosi served a record 19 years as the head of the Democratic Party caucus in the House.

Pelosi is 82 years old.

Pelosi will remain in the House as a regular member and reportedly will provide mentorship and support to the new Democrat Leader, widely expected to be Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, a New York Democrat who represents a district that covers parts of eastern Brooklyn and southwestern Queens in New York City.


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