BREAKING NOW: Key US Senator Quits Democrat Party

( – HAPPENING NOW: In a stunning development, United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona just announced that she is quitting the Democrat Party and will register as an Independent.

According to our sources, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is angry with Sinema’s announcement.

According to the New York Post:

“Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced Friday she had registered as an Independent, leaving the Democratic Party just days after it won a hard-fought run-off race in Georgia to secure 51 seats in the Senate.

“‘I have joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken partisan system in Washington,’ she wrote in an op-ed for local media outlet Arizona Central.

“In an interview with Politico published Friday, the iconoclast first-term senator she would not caucus with the Republican Party.

“‘Nothing will change about my values or my behavior,’ she said.”

What does this mean for the Democrats? As National Review writes:

“Sinema’s defection comes after the Democrats gained 51 Senate seats following incumbent candidate Raphael Warnock’s victory against Hershel Walker in the Georgia runoff race. With Sinema’s departure, her colleague Joe Manchin will be left the sole centrist Democrat in the Senate.”


What is your reaction to the sudden announcement by United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona that she is quitting the Democrat Party?

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