Breaking Now: Biden Shocks Police

( – Happening Now: Shocking many in the law enforcement community, and breaking with the radical left of the Democrat Party, President Joe Biden just presented the United States Congress with a proposed budget that significantly increases funding for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and police departments across the United States of America.

As noted by the conservative National Review publication in “President Biden’s 2023 Budget Increases Funding for Police“:

President Biden’s 2023 budget plan, released Monday, increases funding for the police, cementing his party’s turn away from the anti-police rhetoric and policies many lawmakers and activists embraced after the murder of George Floyd two years ago.

“The plan sent to Congress allocates more than $32 billion to fighting crime, especially violent crime, with $20.6 billion going to the Department of Justice and $3.2 billion in discretionary resources for funding local and state law enforcement, much of it in the form of grants to hire more police officers. About $30 billion in mandatory resources will be funneled to ‘support law enforcement, crime prevention, and community violence intervention.'”

In a statement released by the White House alongside the proposed budget, President Biden said:

“Budgets are statements of values, and the budget I am releasing today sends a clear message that we value fiscal responsibility, safety and security at home and around the world, and the investments needed to continue our equitable growth and build a better America.”

What is your opinion? Please email [email protected] with your reaction to President Joe Biden seeking increased funding for police departments across the United States. Do you agree that police should receive more funds? Why or why not?