BREAKING: New Investigation Targets George Santos

George Santos

( – BREAKING NOW: The House Ethics Committee is conducting an investigation into Long Island Representative George Santos, who has been accused of lying, according to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

The probe had not previously been confirmed.

In a statement to CNN, McCarthy said, “The Ethics Committee is in the process of conducting an investigation and if they find something, we will take action…Ethics is moving through, and if Ethics finds something, we’ll take action”

Currently, Santos has been banned from serving on committees due to the questions surrounding his credibility.

The 34-year-old Republican from New York is facing at least two ethics complaints over false claims about his background, education, religion, and charitable work.

Additionally, federal investigators are reportedly examining if he violated campaign finance law.

Despite these controversies, including a recent sexual harassment complaint, Santos has stated that he will remain in office until the 2024 election.

Santos has rebuffed all calls for his resignation, saying he would vacate his seat only if he loses the next election.

Santos is the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat in Congress as a non-incumbent, but has positioned himself as a staunch conservative on many social issues.


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