BREAKING: Military Bases on Heightened Alert (Video)

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( – In a bombshell statement, the U.S. European Command headquarters said that U.S. military bases across much of Europe are on high alert for a possible terrorist attack.

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The command informed personnel in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and other locations that they are now at condition “Charlie.”

According to the Army’s website, the Charlie threat level “applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.”

The command stated, “USEUCOM advises personnel in the European theater to remain vigilant and stay alert at all times.”

“USEUCOM constantly monitors the security environment to ensure its personnel are informed and best postured to assure the safety of their individual person, family and loved ones,” it added.

Although the statement did not specify any particular threat, it follows heightened terrorism concerns after the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

The alert urged U.S. military members and staff to be extra careful and expect significant delays at base entrances.

In this case, “Charlie” is the second-highest alert level as the force protection levels are Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta, with Delta being the highest.

Moreover, “Charlie” involves several changes to daily base operations, including the suspension of “nonessential” services like barbershops and some food services. According to the statement, many personnel will work from home.

The U.S. European Command oversees military operations in Europe and Africa from its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Likewise, it directs Army headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, Naval forces in Naples, Italy, Air Force command at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Marine and Special Operations forces in Stuttgart and U.S. Space Forces at Ramstein Air Base.

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