Breaking: Invasion Next Week


( – Breaking Now: United States officials are now saying that based on the intelligence they have gathered, they believe President Vladimir Putin will send his troops into Ukraine next week.

As reported by the New York Post just moments ago:

“US officials believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and an attack could take place as soon as next week, according to a report out Friday.

“PBS foreign affairs correspondent Nick Schifrin tweeted that US officials believe Putin has communicated an invasion order to members of the Russian military and that Washington expects a ‘horrific, bloody’ campaign.

“According to the report, a Russian attack would be preceded by two days of aerial bombardment and electronic warfare, followed by a ground assault with the potential goal of overthrowing the Kiev government.”

Additionally, last night during an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News, President Joe Biden warned all Americans to leave Ukraine immediately and said that the Armed Forces of the United States of America would not be used to rescue any Americans who decide to stay in Ukraine.

Biden said that sending U.S. Military Forces into Ukraine if Russian troops invade could result in a world war.

This is a breaking news report.