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Breaking: Feds Avert Disaster?

( Happening Now: Some political pundits will say that the federal government just averted disaster when the United States Senate, soon to be joined by the House of Representatives, passed a bill to temporarily fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown of some government services.

Other pundits – along with fiscal conservatives and libertarians- will say that what Congress just did was prolong the inevitable. The inevitable being, in their opinion, the eventual collapse of the federal government due to a national debt that will become unsustainable.

One way or the other, t’s a safe bet that the growing federal debt burden will fall on the shoulders of the children and grandchildren of the babyboomer generation that has passed unpaid for budgets of decades now.

According to The Washington Times:

“The bill, which will fund the government through Dec. 3, follows a Republican filibuster on a bill that sought to pair the temporary funding with a suspension of the nation’s debt limit. Senate Republicans refused to help allow more borrowing ahead of President Biden’s more than $4 trillion of proposed new spending.”

Please email [email protected] and share your thoughts and opinions about Congress passing a stopgap funding bill to keep the federal government open while increasing the level of debt that seemingly continues to increase with no end in sight. Do you agree or disagree with the passage of the stopgap spending bill? Why or why not? Thank you.