BREAKING: Famed American Skier Killed in Avalanche

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( – The skiing world is mourning the loss of Katherine ‘Kasha’ Rigby an American skier known for her daring spirit and remarkable achievements on the slopes.

Rigby, 54, was killed in an avalanche at a ski resort in southern Kosovo, a sad event that has left her family, friends, and fans in deep sorrow.

Reports from Euronew.albania first brought the news of the tragic incident stating a 54-year-old skier’s death on Tuesday. A regional police spokesperson speaking to Radio Free Europe confirmed the victim was a “54-year-old foreign citizen.”

Rigby was in Brezovica, enjoying the slopes with her fiancé, Magnus Wolfe Murray, when a small avalanche caught her and swept her into trees. The impact was fatal. Wolfe Murray reached her in 20 seconds and tried to save her, but despite his efforts, she did not survive, as reported by Back Country Magazine.

The search for Rigby was challenging due to foggy weather and low visibility. The Mountain Search and Rescue Service of Kosovo said, “The weather was foggy and the visibility was very low. It was very difficult to locate the accident site. After several attempts, we found that the accident happened in the place called ‘The place of Eagles.’ After a short search, the body was located, but unfortunately, due to trauma from the avalanche, a foreign citizen passed away.”

While initial reports did not name Rigby, tributes on her Instagram account from friends and loved ones soon confirmed the heartbreaking news.

Rigby, originally from Vermont, moved to Colorado and then Utah, making a significant mark in the skiing world. She was celebrated for becoming the first skier to telemark ski on Cho You, the world’s sixth highest mountain. Rigby’s adventurous spirit took her to challenging peaks in Russia, Ecuador, and Lebanon, earning her accolades in Ski Magazine.

She also showcased her survival skills on National Geographic’s ‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’ in 2015 and was working on the Tour de Piste project at the time of her passing. Her last Instagram post described the project as “running the fringes of resorts.”

Following this tragedy Brezovica authorities have warned skiers to stick to ski trails emphasizing that even a small deviation could lead to disaster.

Rigby was known as ‘the best telemark skier in the known universe’ a title given by Outside magazine. Her legacy includes skiing alongside Hilaree Nelson another iconic skier who also met a tragic end on a mountain in 2022.

Tributes have flooded Rigby’s Instagram with American mountaineer Jimmy Chin writing “I will forever be able to hear your voice and see your smile. Dancing and living to a different beautiful drum beat we all wish we could hear. Thank you for sharing so much joy and wisdom w all of us.”

Scott Whitaker added “The world lost a really beautiful soul and will never be the same without you magic one. I’ll forever miss you my love and cherish all the beautiful moments I got to spend with you. I still don’t believe it was the snow that got you. But I suppose that was in your contract, to be the best in the world, the fine print, you must die by that thing that you are so committed to.”