BREAKING: Democrats Sic Federal Agents on DeSantis

( – HAPPENING NOW: Just a short while ago, word broke that congressional Democrats have successfully sicced federal agents from President Joe Biden’s Treasury Department on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Specifically, the United States Treasury Department is examining whether there was impropriety involved when DeSantis authorized flights of illegal aliens from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

There are clear indications the investigation is politically motivated.

According to National Review:

“The Treasury Department is auditing the migrant flights authorized by Governor Ron DeSantis to assess whether the expenditures were appropriate.

In response to a petition from Democratic lawmakers, the department’s inspector general wrote in an October 7 letter that the agency would investigate whether Florida misused federal funds to relocate illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. The DeSantis administration has maintained that the trips were approved on a bipartisan basis by the state legislature in a budget package many months ago.” [emphasis added]

One political pundit we spoke with noted, “Democrats are mad because Americans are tired of Biden’s open border policies flooding the nation with millions of illegal aliens. DeSantis drove the point home, and now Democrats want revenge.”


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