Breaking: CDC Okays More Illegal Immigrants Into United States

( – In a move that is certain to enrage the millions of Americans who want a crackdown on illegal immigration, not a loosening of regulations designed to expedite the removal of illegals, the administration of President Joe Biden — specifically, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) –just announced that it would end Title 42 on May 23.

As the Daily Caller is reporting:

Title 42 implemented during former President Donald Trump’s time in office, allows for the quick expulsion of migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC said in its announcement that the directive is ‘no longer necessary to protect U.S. citizens,’ citing ‘the public health landscape’ and ‘the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic.’…

Title 42 allowed the U.S. to expel over 1.7 million migrants – many at the southern border – since its implementation in March 2020, according to CNBC.” [emphasis added]

And here’s what concerns many Americans:

Border patrol agents are reportedly concerned of a surge in migrants trying to enter the U.S. once Title 42 expires, according to a report published by Fox News. One border patrol agent reportedly said they ‘are expecting to get wrecked.’

“‘In my opinion … I think that those numbers will increase, especially from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras because … they’ll be given, from what I’m hearing, a notice to appear if things don’t change between now and then or Title 42 goes away … I think that’s the hope, that everybody’s keeping their fingers crossed that there’s an extension, but there’s not a very good likelihood of that happening,’ Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez recently told the Daily Caller News Foundation.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: Millions of illegal immigrants who would have been turned away expeditiously under Title 42 will no longer face that expulsion speed and will be allowed to stay in the United States with a “notice to appear.” Notices that are routinely ignored by illegals as they disappear into the country.

This is a breaking news report.

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