Breaking: Biden Moves Military Forces Closer to Ukraine


( – Breaking Now: Just moments ago, in a televised address from the White House, President Joe Biden spoke to the American people about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden announced the most severe sanctions imposed on Russia to date, going farther than anything done so far by European countries, including sanctions against Russian financial firms that will cut them off from Western financing, sanctions on the sovereign debt of Russia, and sanctions on wealthy Russian individuals that could immediately cripple them financially.

As CNBC noted, Biden implemented “sweeping sanctions on a major Russian bank VEB and its military bank.”

Further, “[t]he sanctions will prohibit American financial institutions from processing transactions for VEB and its military bank. This would effectively cut the banks out of transactions involving U.S. dollars, the global reserve currency.”

Biden said he is prepared to impose even more severe sanctions if Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his aggression against Ukraine. Although he held out hope that Putin would stop, Biden indicated that he sees no indication that Putin is prepared to pull back and, on the contrary, is moving more military power into the area.

For that reason, Biden announced he is moving additional U.S. military forces into neighboring countries of Ukraine that are members of NATO.

Biden stated emphatically that while those U.S. military forces will be in a defensive posture and will not enter Ukraine, a non-NATO member, he will use military force against Russia to defend NATO countries in the region.

This is a breaking news report.