BREAKING: Biden Declaring State of Emergency

State of Emergency Declared

( – Early this afternoon, President Joe Biden will announce new actions to combat what he and his administration believe is the growing threat of “climate change.”

He may even go so far as to declare a “state of emergency” so that he can use presidential executive powers to accomplish what he failed to pass as legislation in the United States Congress.

According to NBC News in “Biden to announce executive action on climate after failed effort in Congress“:

“President Joe Biden on Wednesday will lay out a set of executive actions on climate change, according to a White House official, as prospects for his agenda dwindle in Congress…

“‘The president will make clear tomorrow that climate change is an existential threat to our nation and to the world. And he will also make clear that since Congress is not going to act on this emergency, then he will,” the official said. “In the coming days, he will continue to announce executive actions that we have developed to combat this emergency.” [emphasis added]

According to White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy, “[Biden] is no longer sitting around waiting for [Congress]. This is his time to act, and he’s going to take that time.”

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