Breaking: Biden Admin Now Admits Covid Vaccine Risk

( – BREAKING NOW: In a stunning development, the presidential administration of Joe Biden is now admitting that one of the COVID-19 vaccines comes with a risk that is so serious it is severely limiting the use of that vaccine.

Specifically, the vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson is now being restricted.

As the New York Post recounts in “FDA restricts J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine due to blood clot risk“:

“U.S. regulators on Thursday strictly limited who can receive Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine due to the ongoing risk of rare but serious blood clots.

“The Food and Drug Administration said the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or specifically request J&J’s vaccine. U.S. authorities for months have recommended that Americans starting their COVID-19 vaccinations use the Pfizer or Moderna shots instead.

“FDA officials said in a statement that they decided to restrict J&J’s vaccine after taking another look at data on the risk of life-threatening blood clots within two weeks of vaccination.” [emphasis added]

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine, already administered to millions of Americans, was a popular alternative to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because it initially required a single dose instead of two shots.

But over time, the J&J vaccine has also shown to be less effective than Pfizer of Moderna, and the U.S. government has been recommending the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines be recommended over Johnson & Johnson since as far back as December of last year.

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This is a breaking news report from the DC Watchdog.