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Breaking: Bannon In Custody

( – Breaking Now: Just moments ago, Steven Bannon, one of former President Donald J. Trump’s closest advisors during the 2016 Presidential Election and beyond, surrendered to federal law enforcement authorities and was taken into custody pending a hearing before a federal judge in Washington, DC, later today. 

Bannon, who acted as Trump’s chief strategist during the first year of his administration and who was once the executive chairman of Breitbart News, streamed his surrender live on GETTR, a social media platform targeted to American conservatives.

Bannon, who remains a close confidant to Trump, was indicted and charged last Friday with two misdemeanor counts of criminal contempt – one for refusing to appear for a congressional deposition with the House Select Committee investigating the riot that took place at the United States Capitol Complex on January 6th of this year and the other for refusing to provide documents in response to the committee’s subpoena.

Underscoring how unique the situation Bannon finds himself in, The Washington Times notes, “Officials in both Democratic and Republican administrations have been held in contempt by Congress, but criminal indictments for contempt are exceedingly rare.”

According to the federal indictment, Bannon ignored the committee and its subpoenas until well after the documents he was ordered to turn over were due and never showed up for his deposition. Bannon has yet to produce the requested records the committee believes are relevant to its riot investigation.

This is a breaking news report, and it will be updated as conditions warrant…

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