Breaking: Americans Slammed


( – HAPPENING NOW: In just the latest assault on the wallets of hard-working Americans, the just-released economic report on inflation shows that Americans have been slammed yet again.

As the Daily Caller reports:

“The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 0.6% in January, bringing the key inflation indicator’s year-over-year increase to 7.5%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported.

“The CPI remained at its near four-decade high throughout January, growing 7.5% on a year-over-year basis, the BLS reported Wednesday…

“The core price index, which measures inflation of goods less food and energy, increased 0.6% in January, just the same as the December 2021 figure, the BLS reported. Food prices grew 7.0% on a year-over-year basis as of January, the BLS reported, and energy prices soared 7.5%.” [emphasis added]

Clearly, Americans are getting crushed by rising costs for everything from food and energy to housing and transportation – the necessities of life. For several generations of Americans who didn’t come of wage-earning age until after the early 1980s, they’ve never experienced this kind of economic pain.

How long will it go on? That’s the big question.

This is a breaking news report about the American economy…