BOMBSHELL: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Plan Has Huge Support

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – One-third of all adult Americans agree that there is a need for a “national divorce” between blue states and red states, as proposed recently by a Republican US lawmaker, a poll has shown.

In a Twitter post last month, Georgia US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene stated that pro-GOP and pro-Democrat states should be separated while the federal government should be downsized.

“We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government,” the Georgia Republican wrote.

A new public opinion survey by Rasmussen Reports, a pro-right pollster, discovered that 34% of Americans favor the “divorce” that Greene demanded.

That number includes the share of 14% of all US voters who “strongly agree” that red and blue states should part ways, Newsmax reported.

Most Americans – or 57%, however, do not agree with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s divorce proposal – including 43% who “strongly disagree.”

In terms of political affiliation, the poll found that 47% of Republican voters agree with her contention, while 42% of them do not agree.

Among Democrats, 26% agree, while 67% disagree. Independents showed a similar breakdown: 27% favor a “national divorce,” while 63% are against it.

The survey found that male voters are more likely to agree with the divorce idea: 40% of American men supported it, while only 27% of women held that view.

Black voters were also found to favor a “national divorce” more than non-black voters – with 38% of the former group agreeing compared with 33% of the latter.

Presently, 29 of the 50 states are led by Republican governors. In the last four presidential elections, 24 states have voted Republican; in the 2022 US Senate races, 27 states did so.

The Rasmussen Reports poll found further that a plurality of Americans – 41% – blamed Democrats for the current political divisions, while 32% blamed Republicans. A quarter of the respondents said both major parties were equally to blame.

At the same time, 29% of Democrats blamed the Democratic Party, and 15% of Republicans blamed the GOP.

Conversely, 60% of Republican voters blamed political division on the Democratic Party, and 46% of Democrats accused the GOP.

Among independents, 34% blamed Democrats, 33% blamed Republicans, and 27% blamed both major parties.

The same survey discovered that 60% of Democratic Party voters think Joe Biden is doing a “good or excellent” job as president, and so do 12% of Republicans and 28% of independents.

Meanwhile, 77% of GOP supporters, 22% of Democrats, and 53% of independents said Biden was doing a poor job uniting Americans.

The Rasmussen poll was conducted February 21-23 among 1,000 respondents nationwide and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.