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Boebert Can Carry Handgun in DC

Many patriotic Americans believe the right to carry a gun is an absolute right and should not be subject to restriction. One of those Americans is Rep. Lauren Boebert, a freshman congresswoman who represents Colorado’s 3rd District.

Boebert has been in the news because she made it clear that, just as she can carry a handgun in Colorado, she intends to do so in Washington, DC.

To the surprise of some liberals, Boebert has won the right to carry a concealed handgun in DC.


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) was granted a concealed carry permit in D.C., police Chief Robert Contee said in a press conference Thursday,” according to The Hill.

“‘A concealed carry permit was issued in that case,’ Contee said when asked if the permit was granted for the first-year congresswoman. [emphasis added]

Boebert went viral last month for an ad she released of her walking around Capitol grounds in which she said, ‘I will carry my firearm in D.C. and in Congress.’…

“‘As we do with all our permits, if citizens are allowed to carry, then we grant them a permit,’ Contee said. ‘In this case, she was allowed to carry and she was granted a permit. And yes, we did reach out to the office.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to The Hill.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree with Rep. Lauren Boebert that she should be able to carry a concealed handgun while working in Washington, DC, just like she can in Colorado? Why or why not?