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Bloomberg Demands Biden Target Guns

Michael Bloomberg poured tens of millions of dollars from his personal fortune into efforts to place Joe Biden in the White House, and now he’s looking to make good on his investment. On Thursday, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety demanded that Biden use executive actions to impose a number of new restrictions on gun owners in the first 100 days of what’s likely to be a Joe Biden term beginning next month,” according to Bearing Arms.

The Everytown for Gun Safety memo demands Biden (their language, not ours):

  1. Shut down the no-questions-asked marketplace for ghost gun parts and kits by directing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to ensure the background check system covers all firearms, including the core parts and kits used to build untraceable ghost guns;
  2. Address the Charleston loophole, which enables illegal sales to go forward before a check is complete, by requiring all gun dealers to notify the Department of Justice (DOJ) before such a sale, prioritizing completing those background checks, and ensuring no background checks are deleted before completion;
  3. Take action to stop people who shouldn’t have guns and may be looking to get armed by requiring the FBI to alert state and local law enforcement of all denied background checks in their jurisdiction;
  4. Ensure the background check system has all of the prohibiting records it needs by having DOJ interpret the law to cover all prohibited purchasers and encouraging states and federal agencies to submit relevant records; and
  5. Target gaps in the law for proactive enforcement by having DOJ clarify which sellers need to get a dealer license because they are “engaged in the business” and crack down on the online sales market.

“Gun control activists have been going after unfinished frames and receivers for a couple of years now, and Biden’s pick for Health and Human Services, California AG Xavier Becerra, actually joined forces with gun control groups in a lawsuit against the ATF several months ago seeking to compel the agency to redefine unfinished frames and receivers as actual firearms. Now the gun control groups are seeking that same remedy, only through executive action on the part of Biden.

“Everytown’s not just interested in background checks, however. The anti-gun group also wants Biden to establish new “Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for gun storage devices and lay the groundwork for smart guns and microstamping by funding and testing prototypes at the National Institute for Justice” as well as use the Federal Trade Commission to start evaluating gun ads for false and misleading claims.”

For more of this story, please go to Bearing Arms.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris are a threat to lawful gun owners? Do you believe they are a threat to the Second Amendment?


  1. James says:

    I don’t see any good times ahead. Too many imbeciles were put off by Trump’s personality without considering all the good things he has accomplished or the consequences of electing Biden. It appears the American people have cut off their noses to spite their face. Also, the democrats have had four years to plan the theft of this past election, and it has worked so far. We really need the authorities to fully investigate all claims and witnesses to any fraudulent voting practices. The future is about to go very dim, and I would not be surprised to see a lot of violence if this Socialist takeover is allowed to stand.

  2. Nunya business says:

    You’re all and I say already too late .. it’s always about guns rifles and such. But if you really want to think about it we have primitive weapons that have been upgraded to the most sophisticated equipment out there without even a single pebble or grain of gunpowder

  3. R King says:

    It may prove to be Mr. Biden’s presidency, but The Senile Messiah bound for the White House owes plenty to the Democrat billionaires who have been footing his reelection bills for the last umpteen years. I wonder how Mr. Bidens promise to make the rich pay their fair share went over on the said Democrat money men?

    • Gglen says:

      Oh don’t you know or haven’t you figured it out already. He didn’t mean the demonrat millionaires just the blue collar workers who always end up footing all the bills that come due from our government who should by “ of the the people,by the people, and for the people. Namely us.”

      • R King says:

        You are correct. It is an essential law. The small potatoes always go into the pot first. Mr. Biden will draft something purporting to tax the rich and send it to Congress. Congress will then change things adding new layers of loop holes that will insulate the rich against any serious new taxation. The usual Washington D C game that never changes.

  4. Tony Hood says:

    Why would Bloomberg qualify to demand anything? If Biden gets the presidents office, it is his not Bloomberg’s. Think the media and those related have done enough to alienate 74 million plus Americans as it is. Does he really want to continue this after the we must heal line? Healing wont happen, maybe skinning over, but this election will always be a tender spot. Biden wants to do his best, needs to get his party into the understanding that HE is the President, not his cronies. Remember the number of states that think is a fake election. It is the second amendment of the Constitution, more regulations for law abiding citizens, demanded by a man that has ARMED SECURITY with him everywhere he goes. When is this nightmare going to end?

  5. Preston says:

    This is another example of big money buying politicians. Bribery is illegal and therefore he should be arrested and thrown in jail. This is another example of socialist corruption which has been going on for years. The swamp just keeps getting dirtier!

  6. Catherine says:

    sounds to me like someone is putting out a list for people to be murdered and I believe there is a law against that here in this country so arrest the one paying to have it done.

  7. Norm says:

    # big POS

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