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Black Republican Ruthlessly Attacked

( – During a recent airing of MSNBC, Vanderbilt University professor Michael Eric Dyson shockingly attacked the new lieutenant governor of Virginia, Republican Winsome Sears, who happens to be a Black female Republican and called her a “black mouth moving” who is “speaking on behalf of a white supremacist legacy” of the GOP.

The attack on Winsome Sears began when MSNBC’s Joy Reid slammed Republicans for “celebrating” every time they give a Black conservative any position of power in the Republican Party.

Then, professor Michael Eric Dyson smeared conservatives and claimed they wanted white supremacy through a ventriloquist effect. Dyson then said, “There is a black mouth moving but a white idea through the — running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.”

Dyson then said that having a black face pushing a white supremacist legacy is nothing new and is a tactic often used by conservatives in the past.

Dyson then said, “If you tell black people, ‘Look, I support a negro. Look! There is a person of color that I am in favor of,’ and that person of color happens to undermine and undercut and subvert the very principles about which we are concerned. You do yourself no service by pointing to them as an example of your racial progressivism.”

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