Bill Gates Comment about ‘Climate Change’ Shocks World

Bill Gates

( – Proving that even brilliant individuals can utter shockingly stupid and inappropriate comments, Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, claimed that the scariest aspect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war there is that it is distracting from climate change.

As one pundit noted wryly, “the people of Ukraine may beg to differ.”

As Fox News reports about Gates in, “Bill Gates says ‘the scariest thing of all’ is Ukraine war because it is a ‘distraction’ from climate change“:

“Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said during an interview that was published on Wednesday that the “scariest” thing about the war in Ukraine was it being a distraction from climate change.

“New York Times opinion writer David Wallace-Wells interviewed the billionaire, where he asked about a progress report from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that tracks progress on several issues like poverty and food security. The report shows progress is lagging in most data points.

“When asked about the progress report, Gates said he is concerned that the war in Ukraine and economic troubles are distracting the world from confronting what he perceives as the threat from climate change.” [emphasis added]

Speaking specifically about his belief that the world is behind in combating climate change, Gates stated:

“But the scariest thing of all is not that we’re behind. We just have to accept that. It’s the ongoing distraction of the war in Ukraine from helping poor countries and making progress on both climate adaptation and mitigation.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion about Bill Gates stating that the scariest thing of all when it comes to the war in Ukraine is that it is distracting from making progress on climate change? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.