Big Name Liberal TV Host Out

( – To the delight of many on the right side of the political spectrum, the much-despised Chuck Todd is out as the host of the once great “Meet the Press.”

Chuck Todd has been a mainstay on NBC and MSNBC for many years.

Even many on the left are glad to see Todd hit the exit ramp, as few people ever felt he was right to sit in the chair that so many great American journalists occupied back in the day.

As Politico framed it today:

“NBC anchor Chuck Todd will leave “Meet the Press,” after nine years hosting the show, he announced Sunday.

“‘I’d rather leave a little bit too soon, than stay a tad bit too long,” Todd said during the telecast Sunday. “I’ve watched too many friends and family let work consume them before it was too late.’

“Todd will be replaced by Kristen Welker, NBC’s co-chief White House correspondent. He will remain at NBC as a chief political analyst, the network reported.

“Todd, 51, joined NBC News as the network’s political director in 2007 and has hosted “Meet the Press,” the network’s signature Sunday show, since 2014, succeeding David Gregory.”

Here is Chuck Todd, in his own words, announcing his departure:

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