Biden’s Own Man: ‘Most Americans Are Pissed’

( – When you are the President of the United States of America and your political party is about to face the voters in midterm elections — elections that will be a referendum on how Americans believe you are performing — the last thing you want to hear from your own pollster is that “most Americans are pissed.”

Yet, that’s exactly what President Joe Biden’s chief pollster, John Anzalone, told Biden and the rest of the Democrats last week.

As the Daily Caller frames it in, “Top Biden Pollster Warns ‘Most Americans Are Pissed,’ Says Democrats Are Facing ‘Really Sour Environment’“:

“President Joe Biden’s chief pollster John Anzalone warned Democrats about major electoral problems going into the 2022 midterms in an interview released Friday…

“He told Politico’s Ryan Lizza that voters are unhappy with the Democrats’ lack of action on key issues such as inflation and health care.

“‘Voters are very much in ‘What have you done for me lately?’ They always are. And they don’t feel Democrats can get their shit together and get things done,’ Anzalone said…

“‘Most Americans are pissed at the fact that they pay their fair share in taxes as middle-class people. They work hard. They want to see the benefits of the economy.’” [emphasis added]

What does this all mean for the midterm elections in November?

“Election forecasters believe that Republicans could pick up as many as 35 seats in the midterms, which would create the party’s largest majority since the Great Depression. Anzalone believes that such losses could be in the cards for Democrats if they do not act quickly.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? Do you believe most Americans are “pissed” at Joe Biden and the Democrats? Why or why not? Please email your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]. Thank you.