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Biden’s Biggest Problem Just Got Much Bigger

( – Happening Now: President Joe Biden – and by extension Vice President Kamala Harris and the entire Democrat Party – is in deep, deep trouble.

As political scientists and pundits put it, there is no more significant problem for a politician – especially an elected official – than losing the voters’ confidence.

And if there’s any conclusion that can be drawn from a recent poll, it is precisely that Joe Biden has lost the confidence of an overwhelming majority of American voters. 

It’s so bad for Biden when it comes to what Americans think of him that they are telling him not to run for reelection in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Here’s what happened.

According to The Hill publication’s analysis of its Hill-HarrsX poll that was just released this week:

Sixty-one percent of registered voters in the Nov. 9-10 survey said Biden should make way for another figure in 2024. By contrast, 24 percent of respondents said he should run for president again, and 15 percent they were unsure. A plurality of Democrats, 45 percent, said they want Biden to run again, while 37 percent said he should move aside for someone else, and 18 percent are unsure. Eighty-seven percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents said Biden, who would be 81 in 2024, should make way for another presidential candidate in 2024.”

According to pollsters and political scientists who’ve covered presidential politics for decades, those are stunningly bad numbers for a president who hasn’t even completed the first year of his first term in office.

The numbers are so bad, that according to those same experts, they all but spell doom for the Democrat Party heading into the congressional midterm elections next year when the House and Senate will be up for grabs giving how even the split between Democrats and Republicans is currently in both houses of Congress.

Especially concerning for Biden is the high percentage of Independents – and even Democrats at 37% – who don’t want to run in 2024.

Bottom line: Joe Biden is in big, big political trouble with the American electorate.

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