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Biden’s Attorney General Stops Executions

In yet another reversal of the Trump administration, Joe Biden’s attorney general just stopped all executions of federal inmates who judges had sentenced to death.


Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered a moratorium on federal executions to allow for a Justice Department review of death penalty policy,” according to USA Today.

“‘The Department of Justice must ensure that everyone in the federal criminal justice system is not only afforded the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States, but is also treated fairly and humanely,’ Garland said in a memorandum. ‘That obligation has special force in capital cases.’

Garland’s action comes after the Justice Department in 2019 ordered a revival of federal executions by lethal injection, using a powerful one-drug protocol… [emphasis added]

“‘In the last two years, the department made a series of changes to capital case policies and procedures and carried out the first federal executions in nearly two decades between July 2020 and January 2021,’ according to the department. ‘That included adopting a new protocol for administering lethal injections at the federal Bureau of Prisons, using the drug pentobarbital.‘”

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