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Biden Will Use Executive Orders to Grab Guns

Happening Now: Yesterday, in her first press briefing following President Biden’s first press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Biden wants to do everything within his power – including the use of executive orders – to restrict access to guns.

As reported by the conservative Washington Times, “President Biden is preparing executive actions that seek to combat gun violence. [emphasis added]

Mr. Biden signaled in his first formal press conference that he plans to advocate for legislative remedies to gun violence and to take executive actions targeting “ghost guns” and allocating more money to cities and states to combat gun-related violence. [emphasis added]

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday the administration does not have a timeline on when those will be released.

She also reminded reporters that the Obama-Biden administration put into place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence. [emphasis added]

“‘It is one of the levers that we can use, that any president can use to help address the prevalence of gun violence,’ Ms. Psaki said. [emphasis added]

Ms. Psaki said Mr. Biden supports House-passed bills that would expand background checks for gun sales and reinstate an assault weapons ban.” [emphasis added]

For more, go to The Washington Times.

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