Biden Warns Nation (video)

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden’s administration has warned the American people that the nation’s support for Ukraine, which is fighting off a full-scale invasion by Putin’s Russia, must not be interrupted.

Biden’s warning about the need to keep helping the Ukrainians against the Russians was conveyed during a press conference on Tuesday by National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby.

It comes after, on September 30, Congress avoided a federal shutdown with a stopgap measure, which contained no new military aid for Ukraine.

The administration has some funds left from the previous bill, but those are bound to “soon run out,” The Washington Times notes in a report.

The full-scale war in Ukraine is in its 20th month after Putin invaded Russia’s pro-Western neighbor with 200,000 troops in February 2022. Before that, Moscow first staged a partial invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

In the White House warning about the Ukraine war, Kirby stressed that even a short of leaving the victim of Russian aggression without American aid could prove devastating.

“A lapse in support for even a short period of time could make all the difference on the battlefield. Just as critically, such a lapse in support will make Putin believe that he can wait us out and that he can continue the conflict until we and our allies and partners fold,” the National Security Council spokesman said.

“President Biden has made it clear that under no circumstances can we stop helping Ukraine. Time is not our friend. We have the capabilities to meet Ukraine’s needs on the battlefield… Support now and next year will clearly prove Putin wrong because he has been wrong throughout the conflict. We know that most members of Congress support more aid to Ukraine,” he elaborated.

Kirby also stated that supporting Ukraine was not only the “right thing to do” but also strengthened America’s national security.

Also on Tuesday, President Joe Biden held a call with vital US allies, including the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Poland, Romania, and officials from the NATO alliance and the European Union, The White House announced.

On Sunday, Biden called upon the House of Representatives to pass additional funding for Ukraine military aid, insisting that Congress “stop playing games.”

In his remarks, Kirby said there was a “small minority of vocal [Congress] members” opposing aid to Ukraine while it is fighting to survive Russia’s aggression.