Biden Wants Media To Do WHAT?!

Joe Biden

( – In a likely sign of desperation, coupled with a sly desire to utilize the left’s vast mainstream media propaganda machine, Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is allegedly hoping the president’s job will be saved by negative media coverage of his likely competitor, former President Donald Trump.

As the 2024 election approaches, President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, along with other Democrats, is reportedly strategizing to leverage increased media coverage of former President Donald Trump to improve Biden’s polling performance.

This approach is highlighted in a report by The New York Times (NYT), which notes that Biden is currently trailing Trump in several swing state and national polls with the election less than a year away.

The Biden campaign and Democratic officials believe that amplifying Trump’s media presence could sway voters who have recently become disillusioned with Biden, according to the report cited by The New York times.

Adrianne Shropshire, the executive director of BlackPAC, an African-American political organizing group, shared with The NYT the importance of reminding voters about Trump’s presidency.

“Not having the day-to-day chaos of Donald Trump in people’s faces certainly has an impact on how people are measuring the urgency of the danger of another Trump administration. It is important to remind people of what a total and absolute disaster Trump was,” the leftist operative said.

The Biden campaign has observed that some voters, who leaned toward Trump but voted for Biden in 2020, are not fully informed about Trump’s current activities. They believe that increasing Trump’s media exposure could influence these voters.

“The more the American people are confronted with who Donald Trump is — a dangerous, extreme and erratic man who only cares about using the power of the government to help himself and his friends — the more they reject him. We will continue to highlight for voters what’s at stake if Trump and his cronies are allowed anywhere near the Oval Office,” Ammar Moussa, a Biden campaign spokesperson, told the NYT,

According to Ben Wikler, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, increasing public exposure to Trump and his policies could benefit Democrats.

“The more people see and hear from Donald Trump and what he has planned for the country if he regains power, the better off Democrats will be up and down the ballot. Trump’s voracious need for attention works to Democrats’ advantage,” Wikler concluded.