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Biden: U.S. Gun Violence Is an ‘Epidemic’

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, from the White House Rose Garden, Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris by his side, announced new executive orders restricting gun rights in the United States.


Biden on Thursday called gun violence in the United States an “epidemic” and an “international embarrassment” during an event in the Rose Garden as he announced several executive orders to tighten restrictions,” according to The Washington Post.

Biden announced the actions, including one targeting kits used to assemble firearms from pieces, after deadly back-to-back mass shootings last month in Atlanta and Boulder, Colo., and another Wednesday in York County, S.C. [emphasis added]

The unilateral moves come as legislation to tighten gun controls remains stalled in Congress.

“‘Whether Congress acts or not. I’m going to use all the resources at my disposal as president to keep the American people safe from gun violence,’ Biden said. ‘But there’s much more that Congress can do to help that effort, and they can do it right now. They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress, but they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. Enough prayers, time for some action.’” [emphasis added]

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