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Biden: Trump’s Legal Challenges ‘Without Merit’

Last night, during a ten-minute speech that followed the Electoral College vote of 306-232 favoring Joe Biden, Biden proclaimed that President Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the presidential election were without merit.

Yet, as most Americans understand, the United States Supreme Court denied the Texas case – which Trump and more than one hundred Republican congressmen joined – on procedural grounds. In other words, the Court never allowed Trump, Texas, or anyone else, to present a case based on the facts.

Watch this clip of Biden claiming there is no merit to Trump’s claims of a stolen election and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Trump’s claims of a stolen election do, in fact, have merit? Or, do you agree with Biden that Trump’s claims are without merit?


  1. Barbara says:

    Poor, poor, Joe, he doesn’t know, watch out for your VP – you may be President for maybe 6 months!!

    • Fantom Jack says:

      It won’t take that long.Joe and her were the worst ones anyone could have picked. Everyone that knows anything at all knows they cheated to get where they are. Their total goal is to make this a
      Socialist country. Shame on them!

    • David says:

      Not even. I give Joe 5 weeks in the Oval Office and that’s stretching it.

  2. PurePurple says:

    I will give the same treatment to Hiden Biden and Kamel Toe Harris as was given to President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

  3. PurePurple says:

    Think about Biden sitting in his basement only being let out for to get some fresh air but come Election Day he ends up winning? He never campaigned he didn’t do a whole lot to show he would be a decent president but gets elected? The election was rigged there was proof but the courts were paid off in some way to turn their back on President Trump. The liberal left had it all planned they cheated they stolen this election. With money coming in from all sources, they had it made.

  4. Oscar Cooks says:

    trump prove he is just what people with common sence thaught of him,he’s Racist,he’s a lier and a 74 year old baby that had 74,000,000 fools following him and still sending him money that he will keep for himself when he leave office on 01-20-2021 at 11:59 AM and his final work to you will be so long suckers.

    • JoAnn says:

      No. You are the idiot. Of course you are a Democrat. So blind. And you cant even spell liar.

    • Tom says:

      To you Trump did more for this usa than the person he took over in 4 years

    • David says:

      Mark Twain, aka Samuel Langhorn Clemons, (google him) once said, “No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot.”
      Twain also said, “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
      You, sir, have removed all doubt.

    • David says:

      Sence is actually sense
      Thaught is actually thought
      Lier is actually liar
      prove should be proves
      You have no Capital letters.
      You have no spaces in some spots and terrible punctuation.
      You are definitely the idiot.
      Aside from the fact that you are obviously a Democrat/Liberal.
      But you actually make many of the Democrats/liberals look good.

  5. Carol Brady says:

    He absolutely did. karma will take over. He is mentally unstable, can’t mk speeches, makes more mistakes than anyone. We are in for a ROUGH ride. God help us all

  6. Timothy A. Moore says:

    Mr. Biden was wrong in his statement, the courts have refused to hear the case they did not say anything about the charges to be meritless. My thoughts are that there should be a complete forensic investigation of the entire election and the results should be made public let’s put all this bickering behind us and get to the truth. I see how the Democrats want all of the rest of the Country to get together and make nice and accept the will of the people. The Democrats should have done that four years ago.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    We got an outstanding, kind, honest gentleman in Biden in office now. We should all be very thankful for this. 4 years of that ruffian trump was just too much. He misused the military in so called rescue of pedophile children which never existed. What a wast of taxpayer’s money chasing ghosts. How many trillions are we in debt now thanks to trump? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised he figured out some way to siphoned our taxpayers money into his very own family pockets.

    • Patricia says:

      Holly Rose, you really have the whole thing wrong. The Democrats have wasted the taxpayers money the last four to five years looking for dirt on our president. They never accepted President Trump for one moment during his presidency and made his his life and his family’s life complete hell. Now you expect us to sit back and not say a word while this imbecile of Biden and Harris ruin the country that President Trump has worked so hard to try and rectify the damage done from the previous eight years.

    • Billrey says:

      Seriously Rose, how much money do you think Nancy Pelosi spend on having a ridiculous year of trying to prove Trum’s guilt with the Russians. trump also helped to keep the illegals out with the wall. Trump got us jobs, opened our refineries, brought business back to America. What now, the election was stolen. I hope you get enough of your idiot Biden with Dementia. Oh by the way, we get a thing called Google. We know that is from government satellites. Google offers 7 years back, but it costs you. Why noy use those 7 years back and appointment our military to simply play those taped daily satellites to track missing kids,,, wow how easy,, only cost is a couple of military people to tag on to a missing person from where they were fist missing,,, the most recent would be super easy to track,,,,, now you can crawl under that rock you came from,, big cost for kids,, how much are they worth?

    • JoAnn Lane says:

      You obviously haven’t read all the great things our president did for our country and us. Just watch how Harris gets rid of them. Because she is the real one who will be in charge. Just as soon as they get rid of their puppet.

    • Steve says:

      What you been smoking lady You are just a other sheep lead by the fake news and propiganda. I hope you enjoy the loss of your freedoms, illegal immigration invasion and all the Socialist/Communist rule that is coming our way under Harris. Cause the idiot Biden will be out shortly after he gets in. Enjoy and he life you voted for I hope you will be happy with it but I kinda believe you will not along with us all.

    • David says:

      Actually thanks to Obama and Covid we are more in debt. And let’s not forget the millions wasted on the bogus Russian Collusion crap. Trump had to defend himself every day, unlike the criminal, fake, President, Obama. But Trump came through every investigation with flying colors. Obama, Hillary, Holder, Rice, and others all performed criminal acts. But Eric Holder was the Attorney General. And he actually investigated himself for the Fast and Furious firearms dealings with Mexico. Whattttt???? YES
      Wake up and smell yourself.
      Biden could not fill a Dunkin Donuts with his appearances.
      He hid in his basement. His campaign people and managers would never speak with the Press and or Media. Why? Because they all knew that the election was going to be won on FRAUD. If this fraud was perpetrated by the Republicans, all the Democrats would be screaming fraud. But nooooo, their lips are sealed other than to say it’s not fraud, it’s was a legitimate election. It was like hell.
      If Biden does win this will go down as the biggest heist in History. And you know it. They all know. But do they care? Hell no, not if they put Biden in the White House.

  8. Ed Eyerman says:

    If Mr. Biden is correct then it is time to save blood an start our own country without democrats. Leave them to themselves.

  9. Karen fine says:

    Trump needs to put on his big boy pants and realize that he is a looser !!! He was the worst president in history so so very happy to see him go him & his kids how dare they have offices in the White House !!! They are just spoiled brats who ride oh Daddy’s shirt tales. What ever will the children do when daddy goes to jail!!!!’ Can’t wait to see that !!! Trump deserves jail !!! He honestly believes he is better than everyone else. And when anyone stand up to him & doesn’t agree with him then he tweets nasty things about them !! Grow up Donald you really are an asshole !!!!!

    • Factfinder says:

      Wait until Biden gets impeached for money laundering and making tons of money off of financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party – jail time coming?

    • Patricia says:

      Karen fine, president Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the United States of America. He’s been trying to drain the swamp since he was elected but has been stopped at every point in his. Mr Biden and Harris need to put their pants on and hi Taylor out of office because they were elected fraudulently and I’m sure that former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are behind all the massive voter fraud. President Trump tried to drain the swamp from day one despite the Democrats fighting him at every turn and wasting taxpayer money with the Russian hoax which was proven to be untrue. president Trump’s children are model citizens and it sounds like you’re just a little bit jealous.

    • JoAnn says:

      Takes one to know one as they say. Sounds like an armchair quarterback to me.

    • Steve says:

      He won overwhelmedngly which will eventually proven
      The Deep State and the Swamp/Democrats cheated. The publics eyes will be opened to this and a lot of these conned people who voted for Basement Biden will wake up to what happened to our free/fair election process. Until then I pray we can maintain our freedoms until then. If we cannot our nation as a free Republic will end.

    • David says:

      Truly an idiot has spoken.
      Where have you been the past 4 years?
      Under a rock?

    • David says:

      Give us one, just one, good reason why Trump should go to jail?
      Why? Because you don’t like him?
      Because he made the abled bodied get off Welfare and get a job?
      Why? Because he is creating peace in the Middle East?
      Why? Because he tweets nasty things about people. What about the many, many liberals who denigrated Trump every single day and even threatened death to him and his family.
      He is not the worst President ever. That title belongs to the Great Divider, Barack H. Obama. Trump is the best President ever and will go down in history as such.
      You liberals really do suffer from TDS.
      Even Hillary stopped cry a few weeks ago.
      Wake up and smell yourselves.
      You are stinking up the Country with your hypocritical and nasty selves.

  10. Keith says:

    The people with which Biden has surrounded himself are dilettantes and sycophants with not a vestige of common sense between them. Poorly qualified and lacking worldly knowledge are salient features of all his selected cohorts.

  11. doc says:

    Biden is a joke who is also lying about his crooked son. Biden was also involved in the business with China and also lied about. Nothing but lies from Biden and the so called democrat’s.

  12. doc says:

    Biden and Harris are the biggest joke ever in this country. The democratic party did cheat in the election and for the next four years keep calling Biden an fake and illegal so called president. Keep saying they cheated and lied about it.

  13. Linda says:

    The evidence of voter fraud and unconstitutional conduct is more than ample and shame on the 7 Supreme Court Justices who refused to take the Texas lawsuit! Justices Thomas and Alito were the only 2 who had a spine to actually do their job and stand up for the Constitution and the American people! Senator Rand Paul is completely correct to point out that it was statistically improbable for a Biden win given the numbers so ballot dumping, dead people voting, mail-in voting fraud and voting machine manipulation – it’s all quite visible. Guess we have spineless jellyfish for so-called representation in the justice/judicial/legislative system! We need President Trump now more than ever!

    • Timothy Flanagan says:

      Yes we do without Trump our country is gone,God please help us

    • D Johnson says:

      I totally agree, and the court will never be supreme again.

    • Mike wamble says:

      This whole election was a fraud and it should be investigated by more than the Democrats.

    • Catherine says:

      yes we do need Trump more than ever now so, it is time to fight the ones with no back bones to fight for what the majority of this nations people want. Come on folks do what we must and if Martial law is what it takes then so be it at least we will not have the traiters leading our country and we won’t have the cheaters running our lives and our freedoms will be safe and America will be for the people and run by the people.

  14. Jim says:

    I believe that this election was stolen. I also believe that there is a smoking gun that could prove this, but the person who knows this has to step up to the plate and prove it. I also believe that there is a war coming and it will be a Revolutionary war, one that the Democrats are going to be sorry for.

  15. Katherine says:


  16. Gary l Marshall says:

    Dont worry be Happy?????????
    Biden wont be around long. Better put your focus on
    THE kAMale That will distroy this beautiful U*>S>A>

    • Catherine says:

      Kamala is not even able to be president , she is not a naturized American . She is not African American she was born in Jama so she has no American rights to be president according to the constitution. She can not serve as President with dual citizenship nor President either.

  17. Breaker 19 says:

    This is unbelievable. Joe Biden is probably the worse candidate to run for the presidency this country has ever seen, let alone be elected. This country is doomed. No one will be safe from now on. Illegals and drugs will be pouring across our southern border. Taxes will hit the ceiling, Factories will be leaving taking jobs with them. There is no telling what his stupid mandates will be. This so-called pandemic may never end now.God help us.

    • Beverly says:

      God help us all in the next four years.We have to get them out some way. Harris will take over because Joe will be in the cellar. I’ll never call either one a President because they aren’t fit to be! President Trump will be back.

  18. Donald Hardee says:

    Joe Biden doesn’t have anything to say that I want to hear! This election will go down in history as one of the greatest crimes in the world not only did they steal the election but also convinced the courts to go along with the theft by refusing to hear the lawsuit. Demoncrats planned this crime far in advance and pulled it off right before the Republicans eyes. I myself as a free American will never accept Biden as my president and his socialist running mate. In 2022 we retake the house and keep the senate! We win again

  19. Juan says:

    Worst President we ever had.

  20. Judy says:

    The way the Demonrats and media have treated President and First Lady over the past 4 years has been nauseating. The hoaxes and false accusations and the fake impeachment hearing to name a few. The real crooks and criminals on the demonrat side have never been brought to justice. We all know the election was stolen there is NO WAY that 80 million people voted for Biden and Harris. Harris could not even get 3% when she was a candidate and was first one to drop out of race. Biden campaigned from his basement because he was told not to exert himself as it was in the bag. There is a lot of evidence that the liberal judges refuse to even hear because the chosen one must be protected. This was a direct insult to the American people and we all know our votes were stolen from us and from this point on an election will forever be based on who can cheat the best.

  21. Teddy V Shumaker says:

    The elections were stolen and the far left Dems know it. Most of the good Democrats know it and are agreeing with the Republicans. Biden gives a COMMAND for Americans to support him and follow his orders, HA!!! He must remember (even though he is not my president) that elected officials are the peoples choice and they are to listen to the people. He has stated that and I quote, I DON’T WORK FOR YOU (the people), YOU WORK FOR ME. How could dems vote for him after that statement. The far left dems are corrupt and will rape this country. They only have themselves in mind and could care less about the American People. Biden will not be in office very long, Harris will take over and then we will really be in trouble. Watch your back, keep an eye on the Left Dems and protect yourself and the United States of America. THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA WILL NOT STAND FOR TYRENTS THAT TRY TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.

  22. Rich says:

    There is way too much evidence that there is/and was election fraud committed against President Trump and needs to be thoroughly examined before allowing a final decision as to who should be President.
    Election Integrity Must Be Confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt! And that has yet to take place!!!

  23. Nancy Davis says:

    The election was a farce and stolen by the Democrats and their different ways of thievery. That has been proven! If Biden/Harris take office, our Country is doomed and will never be as America should be.

  24. Joycelyn McAllister says:

    Biden will destroy our country….

  25. Steve says:

    Biden is nothing more than a lying hypocritical conniving crooked puppet that is being controlled by the billionaires that bought the election for him. Yes, there was undeniable evidence that the election was stolen by fraud in the voting in the swing states. “….we shall reap the whirlwind” Soon, the people that voted for this moron will live to regret that decision. #notmypresident

    • Vee says:

      Amen to that… Trump won’t let this transpire. There has been so much corruption exposed that even MSM won’t be able to hude it

  26. Beverlyk says:

    Yes he did but I question those who heard the disputes. Those states that allow mail in votes without being a registered voters allow foreigners to vote and to change our policies which is soooo wrong. Why did everyone hide the Hunter Biden’s investigation. It’s like the magic bullet that killed pres kennedy. Coverup!!! Democrats who are doing corrupt things are capable of coverup

  27. Sandra Wilkins says:

    Trump won in 2020 fairly and Biden knows it .

  28. Beverly says:

    Yes he did but I question those who heard the disputes. Those states that allow mail in votes without being a registered voters allow foreigners to vote and to change our policies which is soooo wrong. Why did everyone hide the Hunter Biden’s investigation. It’s like the magic bullet that killed pres kennedy. Coverup!!! Democrats who are doing corrupt things are capable of coverup

  29. Bparky says:

    Yes I believe Trump was robbed. Pres-E pos is a lier, a cheat and will be impeached and BJ Harris will take over and ruin everything

  30. GLENN says:




  31. Jerene Slivinsky says:

    The Democrats stole the election and are lying about everything they have done. Biden is just a puppet for the Democrats and they will throw him away when they have no more use for him. I hope Trump keeps fighting for America.

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