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Biden: Trump Has Done ‘Enormous Damage’ To National Security

In a blistering attack on President Donald Trump, Joe Biden accused Trump of doing “enormous damage” to the national security of the United States and he also accused Trump’s surrogates of hindering the transition between the Trump administration and the presumed incoming Biden administration.

Specifically, he stated: “The truth is many of the agencies that are critical to our security have incurred enormous damage. Many of them have been hollowed out in personnel, capacity, and in morale…All of this makes it harder for the government to protect the American people – to defend our vital interests.”

Watch the video below of Biden attacking Trump (click on the play button in the second photo of Biden) regarding our national security, and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Biden when he says that Trump has done enormous damage to the national security of our country? Do you think the country would be safer under a President Biden than a second term of President Trump?


  1. John says:

    Hey Joey you demented, pedophile, rapist, and hair smelling pervert. You haven’t earned the right to talk about Trump. You are in china’s pocket. Hunter is a drug addict, traitor, and sexual pervert. You will personally destroy America. So why not take harris and your sick family and move to your home country of china.

    • Barbara says:

      People like you should be run off our planet. You are following your “hero” Trump spewing so called “facts” from your dense brain. None of what you wrote is true, already debunked by our FBI and CIA and there you stand, stupid & dazed by your own words and lies. Pathetic! Trump is proud of you.

  2. Hans Munkwitz says:

    Somebody please tell Joe Biden HE IS THE Damage to our National Security!!!

  3. Steve Westerhold says:

    What an idiot Biden is. Using the teleprompter he stumbles and fumbles a word or two at the beginning. Biden is the threat to our national security. He’s in bed with China and has already said he’ll get back into the Iran nuclear agreement thus further prostituting himself and the demonrats. With Biden in place we are all in trouble around the world as his administration becomes the laughing stock around the world. Information about the election has come out proving that Biden is an illegitimate president and a fraud!

  4. William H Putnam says:

    Biden and the Democrats are the ones that are harming this country. Biden isn’t even in office and he is already doing damage to this country.

  5. John says:

    Biden hasn’t got any room to talk. He sold our country to the Chinese, he rigged the election, and he lives in his basement. That does fit in with a hair sniffing, pedophile, and rapist. What a great leader he will make. Democrats should be proud. They have sunk to a new low in stupidity. Enjoy your new socialist country because it is one step away from being a communist and sadistic dictatorship.

  6. T Beach says:

    Wish somebody would unplug his telepromptor and he would just stand there trying not to drool on his self. He should realize they arent telling him anything so he cant run back and report it to China and Obummer. He is the National Security risk.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    Biden is right. trump wouldn’t let Biden in the security meeting which Biden is entitled to attend and should attend as he will be leading the US. That in itself is endangering our national security. Under trump’s reign we now have the threat of the PLA on the southern and northern borders as well as the east and west coasts. President Biden will surely correct that after he is installed and the US will be much safer!

    • Ann says:

      Hold your breath!

    • Randall says:

      You need another qualude,ditz?

    • C Tindall says:

      Hey jo, where is your son going with that pipe in his hand?! Jo who the phuck wouldn’t be proud of that picture of your SON asleep with his CRACKPIPE still in his mouth?!?! Man your SON really is a 1 trick pony donkey he haw he haw!!! Grifters is all you are… who the hell adds the title Dr to their name when they are not really a doctor?! Fake people that’s who!! Hey CORN POP tell the Chinese NO, and watch how fast your son will be made an example of. Man son 77yrs old and we finally made it to the top… we’re not the articulate, clean, well spoken half black guys lackey anymore!!! 1600 Pennsylvania Av January 20. 2021 the newest CRACK HOUSE in the District will be open 4 bidnizz!!! STOP THE STEAL, RISE UP AMERICA 1-6-21 see you in DC

    • Walter Robertson says:

      You are right. Biden will just say come on in and take our country.

    • Tim says:

      Biden is not entitled to anything since the entire election is void due to foul play. Only the mentally handicapped without any capabilities of due diligence to find out the truth would carry on with this blind hatred to the one President who has fought for America first. Only complete morons would vote for higher taxes, more illegal aliens and immigrants, more crime, more hardships, fewer jobs, and continued support to those who hate us. It is obvious that you have indecent views which point to you either live off of the system like a leach on tax payers dollars or you are in the path of some of the blood money to turn this country into a communist socialist country, or even lastly, just a whiny gossip boo hooer because someone said that someone said that someone said because they heard it on Facebook! I bet you never stood up for the country or even for the good of your own town or city! I have and so has many millions of others like me!

  8. Donna Pecoraro says:

    I wouldn’t tell Biden ANYTHING!

  9. bruce says:

    Actually we have been more safe since Trump got into office than any other time. Less wars, got the bad guys, withdrawing our troops. He isn’t the president and he doesn’t need to know anything. The agencies he’s talking are agencies that trump has tried to clean up (deep state). He really means Trump got rid of Obama people who were turned into regular employees that were basically democratic ideologues.

  10. Johnny Stansel says:

    Biden would be the downfall for the United States if he was to be put in office thanks to President Trump for fighting that’s not going to happen God bless America

  11. Beverly says:

    Let me get this straight Ukrainians just gave a long news conference on joe Biden n Hunter Biden and how they have harmed their people. They gave videos and whistle blowers and phone conversations with supportive documents on how the Biden’s were involved and he is blaming Trump????? Lol that’s funny 😆. Oh I forgot we blame Trump for everything. How about Commending Pres Trump for exposing the corruption. I think we do need to eliminate the corrupt n get the United States back on track. I hope Biden never gets a government position again or the people he’s appointed because he appointed them for a reason. He has an agenda n I’m afraid of what it is.

  12. Margie says:

    What would this disgrace of a man ever do without a TelePrompTer??
    He would be absolutely LOST………. GOD please, HELP our beautiful Country and WE the American people! Amen

  13. mary husson says:

    That’s rich!😀Biden is responsible for everything he’s blaming Trump usual! Couldn’t have anything to do with their spying on Trump for 1rst election, involving the FBI!.I can’t even watch Biden witjout feeling nauseous & fearful of our national security with him in charge! God help us!!!!!

  14. Laura says:

    I can’t believe anything Biden says, he’s clearly reading from a teleprompter, not his own words.

  15. Le Roy says:

    What a crock! If you aren’t getting the info from the agencies and department how the hell can you make such statements? Has anyone don’t a manpower study recently to determine the number of employees each agency needs to accomplish the lawful tasks? Biden isn’t interested in our national security with his open border invitation to all country to have their people enter the US illegally nor to deport those who should not be herre. Don’t preach national security when you want everyone from other nations to come to the uS and you will get the citizenship. Get Real

  16. Dede says:

    Joe Bidden is an elderly man with moderate to severe dimencia. Therefore , he does not know what he is even talking about.

    • Robert says:

      Dede: Hello. Agreed. BUT: obiden…bite-me…is “DUMB LIKE A FOX”. That
      S-O-B is a lying, corrupt hypocrite, for bite-me is America LAST, illegals FIRST and USA citizens LAST, a spokesman for cheinna and so-compromised, a do-nothing with the only goal to line his wallet, NOT anything really for the good of our USA. That plagiarizer has NOTHING original to say or push except bashing Trump to un-do all Trump’s accomplishments and bite-me obiden is unwilling and is incompetent and incapable of anything constructive for OUR USA. All that bite-me offers is gloom-and-doom negativity, promising a L-O-N-G D-A-R-K four-year winter for OUR Country. bite-me me is REVOLTING ! Need to know any more how I really feel about obiden bite-me? Ha.

  17. Howard says:

    Just like the rest of his life he is full of B S , safer under Biden ? You got to be nuts , this guy bows down for all other Countries. Much safer under Trump.

  18. Audie M Jordan says:

    If Trump had more time maybe he could rid of the rest of the scum in these agencies. While Biden is flapping his tongue,these same agencies are destroying all the evidence they can on Biden’s family. This is just a message promising them whatever they want.

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