Biden Threatens Putin with ‘Catastrophic Consequences’

Russian President Vladimir Putin

( – The US government has warned America would inflict “catastrophic consequences” upon Russia if its leader Vladimir Putin resorts to nuclear weapons in his war of conquest against Ukraine, President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser has revealed.

The latest US warning to Putin revealed by Jake Sullivan comes after last week, the Russian president announced the full-scale mobilization of army reservists while also threatening the West with nuclear war.

“If Russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia. The United States will respond decisively,” Biden’s National Security Adviser told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program.

“[The United States] spelled out in greater detail exactly what that would mean,” Sullivan added.

Yet, he didn’t disclose details about the American response to potential Russian nuclear weapon usage.

The Biden administration’s National Security Adviser noted that over the past few days, the US government has frequently been in direct contact with Moscow to discuss the implications of the situation on the ground in Ukraine and Putin’s moves.

In his interview, Sullivan reiterated America’s commitment to stopping the Russian attack against the Free World, which started with Ukraine, a nation Moscow wants to conquer to launch a new Soviet empire.

“Putin remains intent … on wiping out the Ukraine people that he does not believe have a right to exist. So he’s going to keep coming, and we have to keep coming with weapons, ammunition, intelligence, and all the support we can provide,” Biden’s National Security Adviser declared.

The Russian autocrat has been making veiled nuclear threats against the US and its Western allies during much of his 22 years in power in Moscow.

However, his nuclear war threats have grown tremendously during the current invasion of Ukraine that he started back in February.

“I am not bluffing,” Putin stated in his mobilization speech last week when he threatened the West with unleashing “weapons of destruction” against those who assault his motherland.

However, international observers note that the Russian military’s abject failure to overwhelm Ukraine after seven months of war has made Western governments far less receptive to Putin’s threats and nuclear blackmail.

More than 14,000 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed in the war so far, including over 2,000 main battle tanks, and precisely 260 fighter jets and other warplanes, according to the latest data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Russia’s staggering manpower losses are estimated at 160,000 dead, captured, missing, or wounded. The number of Russian troops killed in battle is between 60,000 and 100,000 – depending on whether the count includes only the Russian military or also Putin’s mercenary armies and proxy forces.