Biden Team Pushed Twitter To Ban Vax Skeptic


(( – According to a writer who was a vocal and repeated critic of how COVID-19 was handled in the United States, internal communications at social media giant Twitter show that the Biden administration wanted him banned from the platform.

As The Washington Times tells the story in “Writer claims Biden team pushed for his ban from Twitter”:

“Writer Alex Berenson said Friday that internal Twitter communications show the Biden administration privately urged the social media platform to ban him from the site before the company did so.

“Mr. Berenson, a prominent critic of the COVID-19 response in the U.S., published the internal Slack messages of Twitter employees that he said he obtained from a lawsuit he filed over his suspension from Twitter.

“The messages include Twitter employees discussing a meeting with President Biden’s team in 2021. They also show a Twitter employee saying the White House had ‘one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off from the platform.'” [emphasis added]

Shortly after that, Twitter banned Berenson.

Berenson sued and has been reinstated. He has a message for all citizens as he prepares to file a new lawsuit, this time against Biden.

“‘This is state action and a violation of my First Amendment rights, period,’ Mr. Berenson said on Twitter. ‘Berenson v. Biden (and Slavitt), coming soon to a federal court near you.'” [emphasis added]

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