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Biden Takes a Dive

Any way you look at it, Joe Biden is in serious political trouble.


From USA Today:

“Was the longest war worth it?

“After two decades of combat, Americans by more than 2-1 say the war in Afghanistan, launched in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, wasn’t worth it. In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, 3 of 4 predict the Taliban-led country will once again become a haven for terrorists targeting the United States.

“For President Joe Biden, the cost of the war’s chaotic end has been steep. His overall job approval rating now stands at 41% who approve versus 55% who disapprove – a big drop in the closely watched barometer of political health. Until last week, national polls generally showed his approval rating above 50%. [emphasis added]

“Now, while he has held the backing of 87% of Democrats, only 32% of independents say he’s doing a good job. [emphasis added]

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