Biden Slams TikTokers Over THIS

Joe Biden

( – In a show of the left’s inner rifts, President Joe Biden has seen himself forced to react against a sickening new act by leftist extremists – as he has denounced those spreading Osama bin Laden’s post-9/11 “Letter to America,” a heinous document of anti-Semitic propaganda.

The White House has strongly criticized individuals disseminating Bin Laden’s essay, labeling it as deeply offensive to the victims of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

This rebuke comes as TikTok, a social media platform operated by Communist China, commits to removing all references to bin Laden’s extremist propaganda from its platform.

“There is never a justification for spreading the repugnant, evil and antisemitic lies that the leader of al Qaeda issued just after committing the worst terrorist attack in American history — highlighting them as his direct motivation for murdering 2,977 innocent Americans,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates declared.

Bates further emphasized the disrespect this act shows towards the families of the 9/11 victims, especially in the current climate of escalating anti-Semitic violence and recent atrocities committed by the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Hamas in Israel.

“No one should ever insult the 2,977 American families still mourning loved ones by associating themselves with the vile words of Osama bin Laden, particularly now, at a time of rising antisemitic violence in the world, and just after Hamas terrorists carried out the world slaughter of the Jewish people since the Holocaust in the name of the same conspiracy theories,” he said.

He reiterated President Biden’s call for unity against hatred and extremism.

“Like President Biden said this year in remembrance of the Americans who lost their lives because of Osama bin Laden, ‘it’s more important now than ever that we come together’ against a rising tide of hatred and extremism,” the White House official said.

The resurgence of interest in bin Laden’s 2002 letter, which erroneously justifies the 9/11 attacks by blaming US actions in Palestine and contains several anti-Semitic and outrageous claims, was fueled by TikTok influencers.

These social media personalities erroneously cited the letter as altering their perspectives, especially in the context of the conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israel.

The Guardian, which initially published the full text of bin Laden’s letter in 2002, removed it from their website, stating that it was being inappropriately shared without necessary context. They directed readers to an article providing context for the letter.