Biden Puts a Bullseye on Putin’s Daughters

Vladimir Putin

( – In what might very well be an unprecedented move, President Joe Biden has placed a sanctions bullseye on the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin because of Putin’s continued aggression and slaughter of Ukrainian civilians as he seeks to invade Ukraine.

These new sanctions come one day after Biden again called Putin a war criminal who should be tried and convicted by the International Criminal Court.

As The Hill reports this morning in “Biden targets Putin’s daughters, Russian banks in new wave of sanctions“:

“The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a wave of new sanctions targeting Russia’s two largest banks, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters, the wife and daughter of Russia’s top diplomat and blacklisted members of Russia’s Security Council.

“A senior administration official said the measures are being imposed in alignment with allies in the Group of Seven nations and are in response to “the sickening brutality” recently discovered in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha following the retreat of Russian forces.” [emphasis added]

Speaking about the brutality and criminal conduct of Putin’s military:

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of committing genocide, while the U.S. and other international leaders have said the images of civilians discovered bound, shot at close range, piled in cellars and left for dead on the street likely amount to war crimes.” [emphasis added]

With these latest sanctions, it is now undeniable that no foreign leader or country has ever faced the level of sanctions that have now been imposed on Putin and Russia.

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