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Biden Pushes America Back in Paris Climate Agreement

President Biden announced Friday that the U.S. has officially rejoined the Paris climate agreement, reentering the international accord without Senate ratification a month after signing a directive to reverse the Trump administration’s exit,” according to the conservative Washington Times. [emphasis added]

Mr. Biden made the announcement Friday at the Munich Security Conference, which is being held virtually this year, while Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement saying that ‘the United States officially becomes a Party again today.’…

“Former President Trump, who said the agreement would undermine the U.S. economy, refused to abide by the U.S. pledge. Even so, the U.S. continued to lead the world in reducing emissions on a per-country basis during his tenure as natural gas replaced coal in electricity generation, fueled by cheaper gas prices from hydraulic fracturing…

“‘The Paris Climate Accord is an illegal effort to implement an international treaty without Senate ratification,’ tweeted JunkScience founder Steve Milloy, adding that if the measure is so popular, ‘why doesn’t Joe Biden submit it to the Senate?‘ [emphasis added]

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, author of the upcoming book “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think,” called the announcement ‘a meaningless virtue signal by the Biden administration.‘ [emphasis added]

“‘The planet will not notice one bit whether the UN Paris pact exists or whether the U.S. is a part of it,’ Mr. Morano said in an email. ‘Even the UN officials now admit that the Paris pact did not ‘save’ the planet as [carbon dioxide] emissions continued to rise.'” [emphasis added]

For more, go to the Washington Times.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Joe Biden having the United States rejoin the Paris climate agreement?


  1. Gary Brewer says:

    Is this person an American citizen?? I wanted to but I can NOT call him man.

  2. Richard A. Weaver says:

    This guy has got to the most unAmerican president in history. Nothing he has done has been beneficial to America. If he cannot do some good for US he should resign. Our citizens deserve nothing less. He is supposed to be the president of the United States of America, it is high time he started acting like it.

  3. Gregger says:

    The Republicans in congress must grow a spine and stand up to this commie dictator and his anti-american agenda. Delay this crap until we can get control of congress in 2022.

  4. ee says:

    He is a dictator………sometime if you have the time watch the 3 part movie Sons of Liberty………..

  5. Imre says:

    Remember when the dinosaurs roamed the world??? I DO! The planet was full of active volcanoes and they each emitted toxic gases. There was not a single car or truck on any road, which didn’t exist. NOBODY burned coal yet. ALL of those combined volcanoes didn’t effect squat for emissions today that are blamed on greenhouse gasses. All of the vehicles today on the planet don’t compare to all of the former active volcanoes on earth. Not even if you combine factories. IF we have “global warming”, why is Texas freezing??? Somebody Phuced up!

  6. Audie M Jordan says:

    Biden is doing exactly what Obama tells him to. He does not even know what the Paris Agreement says. There is no way he even reads the EO’s he signs. It says we have to give billions, more than any other country to undeveloped countries that can still build whatever kind of power plants they want to, China, India, are building coal plants weekly. Germany is building some to support Scandinavian countries green grids.

    World leaders are happy to have Biden to give them our money. There is not a one of them that feels more secure.

  7. David Andrews says:

    Biden is a Nazi like Dictator!

  8. He is so stupid. Each thing he does causes more people to hate him..

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