Biden on 9/11: Our Duty Is ‘To Preserve and Protect Our Democracy’

President Joe Biden at Pentagon on 911

( – On a rainy Sunday morning, speaking outside of the Pentagon to mark the 21st anniversary of 9/11, President Joe Biden said the indomitable spirit of the United States of America has never wavered and that Americans have a “duty” to stand up for democracy.

While remembering and commemorating those who died on this day 21 years ago, Biden also said:

  • “For all those of you who lost someone 21 years is both a lifetime and no time at all.”
  • “It is good to remember. These memories help us heal. But they can also open up the hurt and take us back to that moment when the grief was so raw.”
  • “The American story itself changed that day.”
  • “What we will not change, what we cannot change and never will is the character of this nation that the terrorists thought they could wound. What is that character? The character of sacrifice and love, of generosity and grace, of strength and resilience.”
  • “What was destroyed, we have repaired. What was threatened we fortified. The indomitable spirit has never ever wavered.”
  • “In the midst of those dark days, we dug deep. We cared for each other, and we came together. We regained the light of reaching out to one another and finding something all too rare, a true sense of national unity. To me, that’s the greatest lesson of September 11.”
  • “On this day it is not about the past, it is about the future. We have an obligation, a duty, a responsibility to preserve and protect our democracy. The very democracy that guarantees the rights of freedom those terrorists on 9/11 sought to bury in the burning fire of smoke and ash.”
  • “We will meet the significant responsibility to secure our democracy together as one America, a United States of America.”

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