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Biden: No More Private Prisons

Today, with an executive order that might find support on both sides of the political divide, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that will phase out the use of private prisons for federal convicts.


President Joe Biden ordered his Department of Justice on Tuesday to phase out its contracts with private prisons, one of multiple new planks of Biden’s broad-focused racial justice agenda,” according to CNBC. [emphasis added]

Biden signed four additional executive actions after laying out his racial equity plan at the White House. The actions are aimed at combating discriminatory housing practices, reforming the prison system, respecting sovereignty of Tribal governments and fighting xenophobia against Asian Americans, especially in light of the Covid pandemic

The actions are the latest in a sweeping first-week flex of presidential powers. Here’s what Biden signed Tuesday afternoon, according to a preview provided by senior administration officials:

An executive order directing Biden’s attorney general to not renew DOJ contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities…” [emphasis added]

For more on this significant story, please go to CNBC.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree with Bien’s decision to phase out private prisons? Why or why not?


  1. Gregger says:

    Impeach this psycho for circumventing Congress with his insane number of executive orders. He is trying to eliminate the legislative branch of our government. Judicial is next.

  2. I believe it to be to late to stop the nonsense. Why are we releasing criminals in the first place? Stopping the border wall that works and no longer using private prisons tells me we are in for a tremendous increase in crime throughout the country. We must protect ourselves as the communist defund our police, attempt to limit firearms and continue with the poor criminal justice system that does not work.

  3. Mark says:

    I guess Joey Blowey gets his orders from a black supremacy regime. Half the crap he peddles sounds like their bizarre agenda. Although good luck finding info on the many black supremacists considering algorithms block everyone from attaining this info these days. I also agree with another poster on here in reference his actions and ideas are similar to what a backwards third world country would do. Democrats motto: silence Christians, attack the Patriots, legalize drugs, get rid of law enforcement, let criminals out of prison, open borders to illegals and then take away weapons from the citizens so they can’t protect themselves. What a great idea… let the bad in society prey on the good. Their plan is a recipe for disaster.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Our Country is Avery worry for many of my family I think we are headed to a socialist society and do they not know This Never Workks and never has and never will. Releasing all these convicts just wants me to buy guns to feel safe, just What is this zPresident thinking He is not in his right mind Heis making everyone nervous this is Not Peaceful.

  5. Frederick G A Storton says:

    No he should not those prisons a lot of times are more humane and government-run prisons and what are we going to do with the prisoners in them set them free to commit more crimes

  6. Marilyn says:

    The things Biden is doing is to make the United States of America a Third World Country with the self serving idiots like Pelosi, Clinton’s, Obama’s and the like telling the rest of the country what and when to do it. Because they believe themselves to know what is best for the country and all of us because we can’t take care of ourselves. These people think of themselves as the intelligent Elite. They do nothing for the country only for themselves to further their wealth. So sad that so many people in our country have fallen for their lies of THEM making all Americans EQUAL. That would make them like us. How could so many have fallen for that Bull—-t.

  7. Earnest says:

    I think the man is is nuts and he is going to put our country at risk. he is a old man and should not be our president, he stole it any way

  8. Elizabeth Nixon says:

    I never thought this would happen here in the USA! We are now a “Divided House”. It’s time to stop this Insanity!

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