Biden Is Now In BIG Trouble

President Joe Biden

( – As if the troubles President Joe Biden are not already big enough, he just received news that conclusively proves he is facing the biggest trouble of his political career.

Joe Biden is now persona non grata with his political party.

A majority of Democrats have had enough of Biden, and they want no more.

As The Gateway Pundit reports and opines:

“A new CNN poll reveals 51% of Democrats don’t want 81 million vote recipient Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee.

“The fake news media still hasn’t explained how the most popular president in US history lost his popularity in one year…

“The Biden presidency is going just about as bad as we expected: Record inflation, soaring gas prices, record unemployment, Russia, Iran and North Korea saber-rattling, supply chain crisis, Covid tyranny and more.”

What’s more, “57 percent [of all Americans] rate Biden’s first year in office a failure.”

In one sign that they know what’s coming – a shellacking at the polls in November – droves of Democrats in Congress are retiring rather than face an electorate that is fed up with the Democrat Party under Biden’s leadership.

The political upheaval come November may be one for the record books, and at this point, there’s not much the Democrats can do to stop the electoral tidal wave that is not far offshore.

What do you think? Where do you stand? Do you agree or disagree with the majority of Democrats who do not want Biden to run again in 2024? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion. Thank you, and have a good day.