Biden Impeachment Timeline

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – The House Republicans’ impeachment probe into President Joe Biden is in full swing, with numerous depositions coming up – including of Hunter Biden and James Biden, as outlined in a timeline announced by Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan.

Jordan (R-OH) recently appeared on the Fox Business program “Varney & Co” to discuss the ongoing impeachment inquiry related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The Republican lawmaker outlined the Judiciary Committee’s plan to subpoena members of the Biden family and their business associates for depositions.

These steps are crucial before the House Republicans determine whether to proceed with formal impeachment charges against President Joe Biden.

“We’ve got a handful more depositions to do, Stuart. We want to talk to Hunter Biden, we want to talk to James Biden — who did all this business together — and we want to talk to his business partners,” Jordan stated, as cited by The Daily Caller.

“The plan is to do those final depositions and then make a decision on — we’re already in the impeachment inquiry — do we move forward with actual articles of impeachment? And I think we will present this to the conference and we’ll make a decision as a conference if the facts warrant going into actual articles and moving into a full impeachment of the president,” he elaborated.

The inquiry commenced with a hearing in late September, featuring expert witnesses and testimony from IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

They delved into various aspects of the Biden family’s foreign business engagements.

In preparation for the inquiry, Jordan, along with House Oversight Chairman James Comer and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, released a memo outlining the Biden family and its associates’ accumulation of over $24 million from foreign sources.

The Ways and Means Committee also presented documents corroborating the whistleblower testimony.

Jordan provided further insights to host Stuart Varney, explaining the different committee roles.

“You’ve got the Ways and Means Committee, where the whistleblowers came forward and told us about how bad the investigation was run, how unusual, how it was slow walked — the investigation into Hunter Biden,” he said.

The Ohio Republican added that Comer’s committee is examining the suspicious activity reports and banking records and has subpoenaed this information.

Following the initial hearing, Comer subpoenaed the personal and business bank records of Hunter and James Biden.

In October, he revealed that James Biden had sent a $200,000 check to his brother just after receiving funds from Americore.

November disclosures showed Joe Biden receiving a $40,000 check from Sara Biden following a transfer from Hunter Biden’s account linked to Chinese funds. These transactions are labeled as loan repayments.