Biden Humiliated

Joe Biden

( – According to a poll by Economist/YouGov, only 11% of American adults think President Joe Biden is a “very strong” leader.

In the poll results revealed on Wednesday, 41% of the poll’s participants believed the President was a very weak leader, slightly less than the 57% who indicated that they thought Biden was a “weak” leader.

Of the conservatives polled, 78% indicated Biden was “very weak,” 34% of moderate participants had the same view, and only 10% of liberals polled believed the President to be a “very weak” leader.

Liberals who viewed President Biden as a “very strong” leader only made up 19% of liberal participants. In contrast, only 10% of moderate participants and 6% of conservatives saw Biden as a very strong leader.

When polled about President Joe Biden’s trustworthiness, the majority of respondents (44%) said Biden was “not honest and trustworthy,” 38% said he was honest and trustworthy, while 18% were undecided.

Independents and Democrats were the most likely to believe President Biden was trustworthy, as 27% of independents polled said he was trustworthy, and 79% of Democrats thought he was trustworthy. Yet there seems to be a growing dissident to Biden’s Presidency as 10% of those who voted for him in 2020 held the view that he is untrustworthy.

Throughout 2020, Biden’s approval ratings continued to decline, as he started the year with a 51.2% approval rating which steadily declined to 42.3% by the end of the year.

His declining ratings coincide with the dismal withdrawal from Afghanistan, in which hundreds of Americans were stranded, the highest inflation in forty years, and a COVID-19 strategy that hasn’t reigned in the virus, despite promises to the contrary.

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