Biden Gets Praise, GOP Sends Reality Check

Joe Biden

( – In a fundraiser held over Zoom, a Michigan Democrat claimed the economy was “flourishing” under President Joe Biden, causing push back from Republicans in Michigan.

In statements, Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich) made some bold claims. The Democrat representative stated that the economy was doing great, comparing economic recovery under Biden to economic recovery under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, saying it was the “best economic recovery” experienced by the U.S since President Roosevelt.

She also stated that those wanting jobs today would “make more money” than had been possible in the last twenty years.

These statements coincide with the highest inflation rate in nearly forty years and disappointing national job growth. Michigan has a 5.9% unemployment rate higher than the 4.2% national average.

Republicans were not onboard with Stevens’ statements, as Michigan Rep. Lisa McClain highlighted the plight of many Americans who found themselves struggling due to Biden’s leadership. In a statement to Fox News, McClain said she was unsure what ‘alternative universe the Left is living in’ before pointing to the many struggles Americans are currently facing – including supply chain shortages and an inflation rate of 6.8%.

She also said in her statement that the American people were “smart enough to see through this rhetoric and false narrative the Democrats are pushing.”

Ronna McDaniel, GOP chairwoman, echoed Stevens’ statements, also saying in an email to Fox News that the Biden administration and Democrats were praising an economy –– that was failing Americans every day –– “because of their failed policies.”

She then went on to list the numerous failures of the Biden Administration that affected everything from gas to groceries and the job market. McDaniel continued by drawing attention to the Democrats’ tax policies that raised taxes for workers and businesses, saying that Republicans would continue to champion economic recovery through “pro-growth and pro-business policies.”

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