Biden Gets Good News – Will It Last?

President Joe Biden

( – For one of the few times since he took the oath of office, President Joe Biden’s job approval rating with Americans has risen.

Granted, it happened after his State of the Union address and while he is dealing with an international crisis – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Traditionally, presidents get a bump after the State of the Union and when the country unites against a foreign threat like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The question going forward is whether Biden can hold on to the polling gains heading into the November midterm elections later this year.

According to the Marist Poll summary:

“Following a State of the Union address which underscored President Joe Biden’s commitment to promoting democracy across the world, the president enjoys a bounce in his handling of the crisis in Ukraine. His standing among the American people has also improved on the issues of the economy and the coronavirus pandemic. While Biden’s bounce is predominantly among his Democratic base, he also enjoys moderate gains among independents. Of note, rare, bipartisan consensus exists on the issue of sanctions levied against Russia. Most Americans, regardless of party, support these sanctions, and nearly seven in ten favor them even if it means higher energy prices domestically.”

The raw numbers show:

“President Biden’s overall job approval rating is up 8 points, 47% from 39%, last week. 50%, down from 55%, disapprove. 18% strongly approve of the job Biden is doing as president, and 38% strongly disapprove.”

Certainly, nothing to bank on – he’s still upside down – when your party is trying to hold onto both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, but certainly better than Biden had been doing for months.

Time will tell if he continues to build on those numbers or returns to the downward slide that he’s had almost since the first day of his presidency.