Biden Gets Bad News

( – In a significant turn of events, the Democratic Party has started to crash and burn after their top candidate, Joe Biden, got more bad news from a recent poll.

The recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll highlights Biden’s dwindling support among black, Hispanic, and young voters. This development poses significant challenges for his campaign and could hurt down-ballot Democrats.

This shift in voter sentiment, especially the willingness of one in five black voters to consider a third-party candidate, underscores the growing disconnect between Biden and crucial segments of the electorate.

According to the poll, Biden is experiencing an “alarming weakness” among the foundational supporters of the Democrat base.

Notably, 20% of black voters are now open to supporting a third-party candidate in the 2024 election. This emerging inclination among black voters, who have been a steadfast Democratic constituency, signals a potential shift in the political landscape.

Compounding Biden’s challenges, the poll indicates he is trailing behind former President Donald Trump among Hispanic and young voters, with margins of 39-34% and 37-33%, respectively.

Both demographic groups were instrumental in Biden’s 2020 victory, suggesting a significant reversal in their political leanings.

Trump’s consistent support among black voters, maintaining a 12% approval rating identical to his 2020 figures, further emphasizes the shifting dynamics within these key voter groups.

The survey, which involved 1,000 likely voters and was conducted via landline and cell phone, reveals a stark enthusiasm gap between supporters of Trump and Biden.

This gap is exemplified by the fact that 44% of Trump’s supporters rate their enthusiasm at the maximum level of “10”, compared to just 18% of Biden’s supporters. This disparity in enthusiasm could have tangible implications for voter turnout and engagement in the upcoming election.

Additionally, Kamala Harris is grappling with even lower job approval ratings than Biden among black and young voters.

Her approval stands at 56% among black voters and a mere 27% among young voters, trailing Biden’s 68% and 32%, respectively, in these groups.

This lukewarm reception to Harris, despite her historic role as the first female Vice President, is reflected in the words of Sara Falls, a high school teacher, who expressed a lack of clarity on Harris’s contributions and role despite acknowledging the significance of her position.