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Biden Denies Vets Parking for ‘Rolling to Remember’ Memorial Day Event

This saddens us. What is your reaction?


The Department of Defense denied a parking permit to the American Veterans organization to use the Pentagon as a rallying point for the Memorial Day “Rolling to Remember” ride, ending a 32-year tradition,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“‘It’s very disappointing and for our members,’ said AmVets Executive Director Joe Chenelly. ‘There’s been shock and deep disappointment expressed to us.’

“The 32-year-old tradition brings biker veterans from around the country to ride around the nation’s capital to honor service members who never came home from the nation’s wars. The Pentagon’s massive parking lot has traditionally served as the rallying point for the ride, allowing the veterans to gather and organize before setting off on their bikes.

“But this year, the Pentagon seemed hesitant to give the group a permit to use its lot, prompting a local news organization to call the Department of Defense in an attempt to get answers about why the group’s permit had not yet been approved…

Chenelly eventually did receive a call from the Pentagon Friday, informing him the permit was denied. [emphasis added]

“‘A gentleman at the Pentagon told me that, after careful consideration, our permit application was denied,’ Chenelly said. ‘He said considerations involved the continued spread of COVID-19 in the region and the nature of our event being that we are proposing a large gathering for an extended period of time.’

“The Pentagon later confirmed the denial, saying in a statement that it would reconsider the request once COVID-19 conditions change.”

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