Biden Crashes To New Low

President Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed to only 30%, the lowest figure he has seen in his almost 1.5 years in the White House, as last week has turned out to be particularly difficult for him and his administration due to worsening crises in various policy fields.

Fewer than one-third of Americans now approve of Joe Biden’s performance as president, while nearly two-thirds – 57% – disapprove of the job he has been doing in the White House, according to the latest daily tracking survey of registered voters by Civiqs Poll.

It shows that Biden’s popularity is sinking across the board – among men and women and in every single age group.

The youngest voter group – Americans aged 18-34 – has shown one of the lowest approval rates for Biden, at only 21%.

The embattled Democrat president is now seeing more disapproval than approval in 48 states, with Hawaii and Vermont remaining the only two states where the voters who approve of his performance outnumber those who don’t.

Biden’s ratings have hit a new low even in the overall Democrat voters and among African-Americans, who make up the most loyal part of the Democratic Party’s electorate. His approval among the former has sunk to 64%, and among the latter – to 56%.

At 30%, the president’s approval rate is far lower than the lowest figure ever registered by the Civiqs daily tracking poll for former President Donald Trump, which was 39% back in 2017.

Compared with Trump’s approval at roughly the same time in his four-year term in the White House – that is, about a year-and-half into it – Biden fares even much, much worse – in July 2018, the approval rate for Trump was at 44%.

The polling average by RealClear Politics still puts Biden’s approval at 38%. However, it is based on a compilation of multiple surveys, and many, if not most of those, tend to have a left-leaning bias. Even so, 38% on the aggregate figure is still an all-time low for Biden.

The fresh slide in the president’s ratings comes in the wake of a particularly hard week for him and his Cabinet, which included growing recession prospects, lingering inflation and good shortages, rifts inside the Democratic Party on gun control and abortion, and the far left using July 4 to openly attack America as a nation and democracy.

Biden contributed to the upheaval with a new gaffe when he read “Repeat the Line” and “End of Quote” instructions from a teleprompter as part of a speech, hiking concerns over his cognitive abilities.