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Biden: Comply or Pay the Price

( – Given today’s developments, if American businesses and employees think President Joe Biden is currently being heavy-handed with his COVID-19 vaccines madates, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Earlier today, in a statement that you can read in its entirety further down this page, along with announcements from federal regulatory agencies, Biden and his administration signaled that he is now going to get more draconian than ever by imposing coronavirus mandates and severe financial punishments on all business in the United States of America – no matter how large or small – that don’t submit to his demands.

To be blunt, Biden will wield the full regulatory power of the federal government in a way rarely seen in American history.

And, he has decided that he will send federal agents all across the land into businesses – even Mom and Pop storefronts – to punish them if they can’t prove that they and every employee of theirs are in compliance with Biden’s vaccine protocol dictates.

Americans who know their history can’t recall a time when a presidential administration has acted in this way short of a world war.

As we publish this piece, businesses and governors across the land are rising and fighting back by immediately preparing to file lawsuits in an attempt to stop Biden in his tracks.

Will those lawsuits succeed?

Will Biden be stopped?

We’ll know soon as these actions should be placed on a fast-track by the courts.

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