Biden Can’t Believe THIS About Trump

( – In the latest shocker to Joe Biden, a new public opinion poll has found that he has now fallen ten percentage points behind Donald Trump, his most likely rival in the 2024 presidential election.

The Washington Post and ABC News survey shows that Trump has the support of 52% of American voters compared with only 42% for Biden.

Trump’s support has grown by 10 points compared with the poll’s previous edition in May.

Among the key demographic of independent voters, Trump enjoys the same level of support, at 52%, up by 13 points from the last poll, while Biden stands at 39%.

A report by Breitbart News emphasizes that judging by the WaPo-ABC poll, the president “is struggling to connect with Americans across a variety of critical issues.”

It adds that Trump’s 10-point lead on Biden “at this early stage in the election cycle” is “well beyond the margin of error for the survey.”

The poll found that the president’s overall approval rating is 37%, almost the same as in May, but down from February when it stood at 42%.

It also established the Democrat reelection hopeful’s disapproval at 56%.

A new NBC News poll also measured Biden’s disapproval at 56% but against a 41% approval rating.

The Washington Post and ABC News survey asked respondents to rate the Trump presidency, with 48% saying they approved of how the former president handled the job and 49% saying they disapproved.

The Post report notes that Trump’s new approval rating for his White House term is 10 points higher than when he left office and higher than during most of his presidency.

The poll discovered that about three-quarters of Americans rate the US economy under Biden as “poor” or “not so good.”

An even greater share of US voters assesses Biden’s handling of gas and energy prices as “poor” or “not so good,” at 87%. The percentage of those who rate negatively his performance on food prices is 91%.

The survey found 62% of Americans disapprove of how the president has handled the illegal immigrant influx, while 23% approve. In February, the numbers were 59% approval and 28% approval.

The latest WaPo-ABC was performed from September 15-20 among 1,006 adults nationwide via telephone interviews and has an error margin of 3.5 percentage points.