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Bette Midler Compares Rush Limbaugh To the KKK

Some radical-left “celebrities” just can’t seem to leave Rush Limbaugh alone – even with less than a week after his death. Now, Bette Midler, who has been attacking Rush every day, is comparing him to the Ku Klux Klan.

Less than a week after his death, Bette Midler has compared Rush Limbaugh to the Ku Klux Klan, tweeting a meme that shows a group of figures wearing white hoods and robes with the heading ‘Find Rush Limbaugh,” according to Breitbart.

Bette Midler tweeted the image Monday, just five days after the conservative talk radio legend died following a battle with lung cancer. The meme shows one of the hooded figures wearing the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which former President Donald Trump bestowed on Limbaugh last year.

“Last week, Midler implied that Limbaugh was going to hell. “#RushLimbaugh has gone to his reward. Bet it’s hot,” she wrote.

She also called Limbaugh ‘one of the vilest reptiles who ever trolled the planet.’…

Midler is one of many left-wing Hollywood celebrities who gleefully mocked Limbaugh following news of his death last week. Stars including Rob Reiner, John Cusack, Rosanna Arquette, and Star Trek actor George Takei.

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Please share your thoughts about Bette Midler and other left-wing Hollywood “celebrities” comparing Rush Limbaugh to the KKK in the comment section.


  1. Samuel Sherrill Kent says:

    Bette Midler’s party owns the KKK! Not wasting any words on her, but what destructive liars this woman represents — and she is really not that bright.

  2. James says:

    I seen. A clip on the fence around the capital wow must have cost a fortune ; it looks like a prison ;the guy who did the video did a great job he just got it wrong when said it is to keep you and me out it is there to makeshoreif Biden goes to the bathroom and loses his way it will keep him in so they can find him and bring him back. Ps I think it would be cheaper to fill his pockets with corn and teach him to drop each piece so he can find his own way back
    Also if this makes him mad sorry if he likes I can always meet him behind the high school isen’t that what he always said about present Trump.

  3. michael G monteverde says:

    She is truly a POS!!!

  4. RED says:

    Sounds like Bette came from the same can of worms that Pigalosie came from. They both need a clamp on their mouth to keep it shut.

  5. Vickie Chandler says:

    I find it amazing that people like Bette Midler, Michael Moore and all the other Hollywood dwellers would even think that the rest of us would care what they think, much less want to hear it. I do NOT share the ” elevated opinion” they have of themselves, nor the vileness of their personalities. RIP Rush.

  6. Ronald Gunn says:

    Why don’t you talk about someone that is still here that can defend them selves. I know why, because you know they will make a bigger fool out of you than you could ever ever make out of yourself and you make a big fool out of your self every day. Have you ever heard of karma, you are going to meet it, I hope REAL SOON.

  7. lynn says:

    what do you expect,they never surprise me!

  8. Linda says:

    Shame on Bette Midler, we the people made her famous with her movies, songs and she has the nerve to talk about a man is passed.
    Never will her name ever be mentioned again…
    Same with that u___ redhead on the talk, I can’t believe people watch…
    Theses now unfamous people wanted ATTENTION the wrong way!!!

  9. mark scheuchenzuber says:

    she is a pig.

  10. William Seweell says:

    I have listened to Bette Midler sang and watched some movies she acted in of course all of these had writers and directors so why does she mow have to prove that she is a Moron.

  11. Bill says:

    Only people more pathetically brain impaired than this no talent loon is anyone who thinks she is relevant in any way. I wouldn’t take her to a dog show even if I thought she might win.

  12. George says:

    You are such a smart woman. You being a democRATE you know the KKK was created by the democRATES. All this time I thought Rush was a conservative. It is so uplifting to know we have such brilliante holewood celebes like you to keep us informed. So, what you are saying is that Rush is a democRATE and he didn’t know it. Gee you are so smart.

  13. Poor Bette
    Only way to be noticed is by these ramblings. Sad old non-relevant has-been.

  14. Dull Knife says:

    Not only is she a DAMNED FOOL she is as UGLY as the south end of a north bound cow with the SQUIRTS. “VINCERE FACIEMUS”.

  15. Fdurbin says:

    Bette Midler spews godless chatter which really degrades her. Pathetic!!

    • Louise says:

      She is a has been wanting to get attention, just think of her as an empty head stupid socialist idiot.

  16. Ernie Von Tobel says:

    Guess I need to add Midler to my opinion of Jane Fonda whom to this day, I refuse to contribute to her wealth by buying, listening to, or watching anything in which she appears.

  17. Ken says:

    Bette Midler is mentally impaired. Why repeat anything this severely handicapped individual says and just make it worse? It will just make her act out and seek attention even more aggresively.

  18. Arlene Meyers says:


  19. Marcy says:

    Rush became a teacher to the world. He studied the people, issues of the day and most importantly, the leaders’ that came and went to cast ‘truth’ to those listening. Long live his memory to our hearts. The people who complain the loudest are to be tuned out. He was a gift to America…

  20. Anthony says:

    She’s such a dumb C__t ! And I don’t use that word much . But if anyone deserves that title , it’s her

  21. Craig says:

    How does this disgusting “IT” stay on TV and is even allowed to spew it’s disgusting mouth?!?!?!!?!?!?! Since her president passed the no gender rule and now go into any bathroom he wants to do whatever he wants……………she voted for him so I guess that makes it an it?!?!?!

  22. Paul says:

    Rush is most likely wearing a white robe but no hood RIP Rush

  23. Cheryl says:

    Rush Limbaugh was a good man does not deserve the nasty comments or memes. May he rest in peace.

    No one ever claimed that Bette Midler’s jokes were funny, except for her.
    Many of the Hollywood Democrats have shown their true colors over the past four years and it is disappointing and shameful.
    We have ceased listening to the music and watching movies of those that have stated such crude comments. After all, attention is what they are looking for anyway, why give it to them?

    It is no wonder why their kids are seeing shrinks.

  24. American says:

    Susan Harris. You and Bette will be together with all your hating souls in hell. God doesn’t want people like you

  25. Debra Reed says:

    You go better lmao it’s you that’s gonna have the bad karma

  26. Mabel Moyer says:

    Those that Trash Rush Limbaugh shows a great lack of good taste, they just couldn’t take the fact that he was well liked by more strangers than they have as friends.

  27. John Shriver says:

    well she uis stupid and has no idea what she is saying. you could compare her to joe biden both are crazy with diementia you know.

    • Debra Reed says:

      She is gonna regret making fun of the dead.Karma for her and she won’t like it. Let people rest in peace !!. She is not better than any other human being. She just thinks she is!!

    • JJBob says:

      Who is Better Miller? Who did she ride with?

  28. James says:

    On his worst day he was 1000 times better than that trash her and all the rest of the filth

  29. Geneva Wilcox says:

    Rush was one of best there ever was, ha was kind ,generous and he loved our country. He was a great Patriot. Anyone that slams him needs to leave the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Go where they have the Communism that they seem to want. This is why I no longer watch any new shows with these so called stars, they are not stars just idiots without a brain. I only watch old shows or the conservative news like Tucker, Hannityand Ingrahm.

  30. Gary says:

    This is truly sad this woman does not know that his main assistant was a black gentleman.

  31. Susan Harris says:

    You go Bette! Good for you!